Shelter Grade Housing: The community feedback period for this idea began on 9/10/2019 and ended on 11/9/2019

What is the problem that needs to be addressed? Please describe how it is related to mental health.
Orange County has a glut of Speculative-Grade housing and Investment-Grade housing. It is rare to find Shelter-Grade housing.

Why is this a concern for Orange County? What can Orange County and other counties learn from this project?
There seems to be a shortage of Shelter-Grade housing in Orange County. Unfortunately, Speculative-Grade and Investment-Grade housing don’t work well for shelter: too many poor boundaries and unhealthy living environments.

What is currently being done to resolve this problem in our county and throughout the United States? If applicable: Is it working; why or why not?

What is new or different about this project idea? Please describe how this differs from what is already being done (Question 6). Please list any research that was done on this topic.
This is more marketing and design – but with real underlying need. The financing for such a project shall not involve the current practice of repackaging real estate loans into investment vehicles. Such a practice converts housing into investment grade or speculative grade.

What is the project idea? Please describe how this project will operate.
Test drive marketing for Shelter-Grade housing and possibly a local design competition at colleges/universities for such housing to maintain healthy boundaries, healthy living and support mental health. This would be less restrictive than Permanent Supportive Housing, but different than market-based speculative/investment housing. A required design component would be financial options that do not involve repackaging real estate loans into investment vehicles or other poor financial boundaries. Required behavioral components include: 1) Smoke/Vape/Gas free – other non-gaseous forms may be allowed. 2) Alcohol allowed – evidence supports a glass of wine with a meal for longer life expectancy. Binge drinking/drunkenness not allowed 3) Sanitation encouraged 4) Hoarding-free 5) Sugary/refined/high-calorie beverages not allowed 6) Bicycle racks/bicycle transportation friendly 7) Traditional Circadian Rhythm only 8) Desire to stay in reality or communicate the experience of reality in an effort to find reality (ask a peer if this doesn’t make sense) 9) Possibly other behavior agreements – Social Agreements at Wellness Center Central are a good start.

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August 26, 2019

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