Peer Intervention Journal

What is the problem that needs to be addressed? Please describe how it is related to mental health.
Professions and professional organizations typically have a peer-reviewed academic journal to share information, ideas, and outcomes. This submitter has yet to encounter a journal devoted to sharing interventions and outcomes associated with peer specialist programs, support groups, and interventions. This project likely depends upon the outcome of Informed Consent.

Why is this a concern for Orange County? What can Orange County and other counties learn from this project?
Orange County can possibly learn what other jurisdictions are doing with peer programs for mental health. Peers in Orange County – if they were allowed – could share their programs with others. At least one peer in Orange County has an original group design that this submitter has not seen elsewhere. This could provide great insight into the structures of other jurisdictions and ideas for how to structure Orange County Services to better serve its population. Open questions that such a journal can address include: 1) The social contract for people with mental illness 2) What interventions are effective and how was effectiveness measured? 3) Which jurisdictions are best for someone with a mental illness and which are not? 4) What was the outcome of Medicaid Expansion on the mental health population? 5) Models of funding peer mental health services from other jurisdictions 6) The challenges and expense of mental healthcare in Maine and Alaska (is it a supply chain issue or a seasonal affective disorder issue) 7) Economic success in different jurisdictions 8) Method for moving between jurisdictions to maintain mental healthcare support systems.

What is currently being done to resolve this problem in our county and throughout the United States? If applicable: Is it working; why or why not?

What is new or different about this project idea? Please describe how this differs from what is already being done (Question 6). Please list any research that was done on this topic.
This idea takes a standard of the profession from others – a peer-reviewed academic journal – and applies it to the mental health peer model of mental health services.

What is the project idea? Please describe how this project will operate.
Originate a journal for peer specialists/peer programs to publish their interventions/ideas and outcomes on a regular basis (i.e. annually, semi-annually, quarterly or more frequently). Addressing the contractual ban on publication of interventions and outcomes imposed on Orange County Contractors would need to be addressed. Protecting the privacy of peers while allowing them to communicate with their greater community would be an interesting challenge to solve. This project would look like the editorial board and publication of a peer-reviewed academic journal like JAMA, NEJM, Science, etc. The publication could be online to reduce the costs associated with printing and mailing. After the Innovation peroid of 5 years, it is possible that subscription costs would finance some or all of a journal’s expenses.

Additional Information: https://www.nejm.or


July 2, 2019

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