Home Care for Older Adults: The community feedback period for this idea began on 9/10/2019 and ended on 11/9/2019

What is the problem that needs to be addressed? Please describe how it is related to mental health.
As people age, they may not be able to form new memories as quickly as when they were younger. Thus, an elderly person moved from their home to a care facility may not be able to form memories of where the bathroom is, where the kitchen is, etc. Additionally, having family around – people they care and trust – may not be an option anymore.

Why is this a concern for Orange County? What can Orange County and other counties learn from this project?
Orange County housing prices are quite high. For those who worked, who retired and now on a fixed income – they are stuck in a house that doesn’t work anymore. Moving also is risky because of the difficulty in forming new memories.

What is currently being done to resolve this problem in our county and throughout the United States? If applicable: Is it working; why or why not?
Unknown. 211, OC Links, and other phone resources may have answers. You would have to call them. You may get conflicting information or information that is unreliable.

What is new or different about this project idea? Please describe how this differs from what is already being done (Question 6). Please list any research that was done on this topic.
Designing what eldercare looks like. Keeping people in their homes with their families – assuming their family is functional and has worked through their issues – is important. Patient selection – which people have healthy support systems for this project is very important. Which people have unhealthy support systems or poor coping skills would be another issue entirely. A person aging into their sunset years who never learned how to take care of themselves nor ask for help is likely going to be a kicker, hitter or spitter in a geriatric psych ward.

What is the project idea? Please describe how this project will operate.
Address the operation of a household/home for people who have aged out of the ability to take care of their home. This submitter lives on a street where two different homes are in severe disrepair. The person inside probably needs help, but probably isn’t equipped to trust the help that comes. Establishing the etiquette for helping an elderly person would be the main learning objective of this project.

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August 26, 2019

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